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Photos to be posted when made available. Photos below are by D. Powell.
If you have any to submit, please email to dpowell@nni.com
Todd W. Braisted Speaking at Conclusion of Retreat
Bob Griffin Speaking at Conclusion of Retreat
Tom Moran Speaking at Conclusion of Retreat
Battle Across from the Steuben House
Rebels on alert
Redcoats crossing in front of Steuben House
Loyalist crossing in front of Steuben House
Photos below are by Sue Jenkins.
US Troops arrive at Monument Park in Fort Lee
Monument Park, Fort Lee, prior to the Rededication Ceremony
US troops arrive at Liberty Pole, Englewood...
...and are joined by General George Washington
Retreat Monument, Leonia
Along the Retreat Route, Leonia
The 22nd & 24th Regiments let loose a volley while the Guards re-load.
Hessian troops skirmish with the Rebels at Brett Park.
US troops protecting their flank against superior numbers.
Overwhelmed, the US troops still manage to retreat safely across the New Bridge.
Surgeons Williams and Todd educate a class in 18th century medicine at New Bridge Landing.
Barbara Flourchek lends a hand with the cooking at New Bridge Landing.
John Muller endeavors to feed the masses at New Bridge Landing
Loyalist refugees tend to chores.
Brigade of the Amercian Revolution commander Paul Ackermann (R) and US forces commander Jim Sieradzki (L) during ceremonies
Fifers of the 22nd Regiment pla a tune to encourage Loyalist recruits at the Campbell-Christie House.
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