Volunteers Bring New Bridge to Life

By Jim Smith, Chairman of the Historic New Bridge Landing Park Commission

We are beyond grateful for all the volunteers that help bring Historic New Bridge Landing to life and we miss them, as well as you! The Bergen County Historical Society was founded in 1902 to preserve and promote Bergen County's rich history and keeping these amazing stories of our county alive. The Society is not a government agency. The Society has multiple events each month at New Bridge, from lectures at the Steuben House as well as the School of Interpretation to help make our volunteers the best they can be. Events can have between 20-40 well trained volunteers at each event! But there are also many volunteers that help with the site that you might not recognize but they help add to the experience, whether its updating the website, posting here on Facebook, tending to the grounds and gardens or even picking up stray garbage to ensure a positive impression when you visit. Thank you to all our volunteers who helps bring Historic New Bridge Landing to life and helps to foster a greater appreciation of Bergen County's rich history!

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