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We wish to acknowledge and thank people who have added to our collections.

We first began collecting artifacts of Bergen County and American History in 1902 at our founding with the donation of the dug out canoe.


People listed below responded more recently.



Marta and David Black 
Two 1783 watercolor paintings of Washington and Greene by the English painter Thomas Stothard.

Satirical Prints from the 18th century: The Commissioners, 1778, A Picturesque View of the State of the Nation, 1778, Spirit of Democracy, 1792, The Tea Tax Tempest, 1778, The Repeal, 1766.

Benjamin Franklin by Charles Philippe Amedee Vanloo by engraver Pierre Michel, Paris: Marie Francois Drouhin, 1790.

Nancy Knox
Two oil portraits of John Vredenbergh Varick and Anna Maria Romeyn Varick, c. 1820-1834.

Billy Van Zandt
WWI Duffel Bag of Lt. Harold LeRoy Van Zandt. Includes Helmet, Flight Cap, leggings, gas mask, shaving kit, (2).

Winnetka Historical Society

Coverlet, Anna Ackerman, 1845.

Lauren Cohen
Collection of 18th and 19th century documents relating to Bergen County.

Sarah Blair Brown
Painting and sampler of Mary Robinson Blair, River Edge
National Guard Certificate for William Blair, 1833. 
Kristin Brown, donated $300 for restoration of the painting.

David Ackerman Descendants
1810 painting of Grietje Ackerman, of Paramus and other four other Ackerman descendants.

Demaray Revocable Trust

Samuel Demaray's November 1776 Revolutionary War Schrimshaw Powder Horn.

The Cilla Family

6 lb cannonball found along the Retreat Route in Hackensack, NJ.

Joan and W. John Oddie, in memory of her sister

Black walnut table made from the wood of an ancient black walnut tree that was located behind the Steuben House.


Mary Donohue

Two red and white jacquard coverlets.

Betsy McClure on behalf of four siblings
Painting of Ellen Conklin, b. 1782, who is buried in Ridgewood, NJ.

Clara R. Hasbrouck
Four-poster bed that family tradition acknowledges
Washington slept in during Steenrapie Encampment.


Deborah Powell
Painting of Washington leading his troops across the New Bridge, November 20, 1776 by B.Spencer Newman,
donated in memory of Kevin W. Wright.

Two c. 1620 miniatures of a man and a woman and; 
Painting after Jan Steen and a painting after David Teniers II, from the George Way estate.

A small sled, c. 1880 found in River Edge home.
Reproduction of a platter originally by the local potter George Wolfkiel "Hard Times in Jersey" by NJ artist Rae Tamashausky. Original is in the Wadsworth Atheneum collections.


Connie Dinallo
Two large framed paintings of events in Bergen County in the American Revolution by B.Spencer Newman.

Jon & Rebecca Zoler
Four Bergen County Berry Baskets & Wooden Form.

Ruth Bower

Quilt and a Coverlet; Rachel Bogert 1836 jacquard coverlet.

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