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BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2023/24


October Gala

Stewardship through Historical and Natural Interpretation

New Roof in Campbell-Christie House




BCHS Newsletter
Summer 2023

Musket update, Membership update,
Kevin Wright article on the New Bridge  



BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2022/23

Update on new museum building, update on stolen cannon & Charleville musket, Thanksgiving history, Cooking Classes, In Memoriam, Retreat Event



BCHS Newsletter
Summer 2022

Pinkster history, Timeline of Bergen County, BCHS Dinner Invite, Remembering
Linda Masullo



BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2021-2022

Fundraising, Moving the Campbell-Christie House, Van Saun Household Inventory 1808, Our Trips Around Bogota



BCHS Newsletter
Summer 2021

New Museum update, Campbell-Christie House move by Janet Odence, school tours by Cindy Piano & 5 new interpretive signs and QR code Tours.



BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2020-2021

Dugout Canoe study, How to research your house, Important land acquisition by BCHS, Eagle Scout Bake Oven and County of Bergen repair and State of NJ painting project.


BCHS Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2020

Letter from the President, Dutch, Tulips & Art, Document Box Restoration, Elizabeth Piccino, Tell me your story poem, New Interpretive Signs & Website, Strawberry Patch, Jan Zabriskie & Steuben


BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2019-2020

The Bridge That Saved a Nation (New Book, BCHS Around the Landing, Garden Journal, Media Relations, Demarest House Artist Club, BCHS Collections including George Way Estate


BCHS Newsletter
Summer 2019

The Rappahannock Forge Cavalry Sabre, Brower's Hill and Sluckup, Huyler's Landing, Bergen County History - Vintage Baseball, Janet King


BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2018-2019

BCHS Museum building, BCHS Collections, Jazz on the Palisades - Van Gelder Studios


BCHS Newsletter Winter/Spring 2018

Interview of Mary Donohue, A Ride to New Bridge, Mary Parish vs the Lager sellers, Pfc. Anthonie Wendels,  Memorials of Kevin W. Wright and David Whieldon


BCHS Newsletter

Akerman & Goff, Lustron House in Bergen County, Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Tenafly


BCHS Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2015

BCHS & Camp Merritt Monument, The Spring Valley Poet, Interview with Firth Haring Fabend


BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2014-2015

BCC & BCHS Library Re-Opening, 1776 Guard Duty, Clan in Northern NJ, Hay Rack at New Bridge, Museum Collections, Volunteering


BCHS Newsletter
Spring 2014

Volunteerism, Bergen's First Brewmaster, Museum & Library Collections, The Birth of Ridgewood, By-Laws


BCHS Newsletter Fall/Winter 2013-2014

Conclusion of an arduous and important War, Historical Essays on the Sesquarcentennial of New Jersey (1664-2014) Settlement of Kinderkamack Upon the Hackinsack River, The Landscape is Changing, Museum Collections


BCHS Newsletter
Spring 2013

Collections - The Haring Quilt, Elbert S. Carman's Veritable Eden in Paramus, Zabriskie Hopper Cemetery Paramus, NJ


BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2012-2013

Fundraising, Boiling Spring, Return to Shelburne Nova Scotia, Building & Grounds, How Times Change, History or  Meadowlands Myth, With Their Pockets Filled with Paper Dollars - Raid on Little Ferry 1779


BCHS Newsletter
Fall 2011

The Means Saving the Army - The real person who warned the Garrison of Fort Lee, Coytesville, Bergen County, NJ


BCHS Newsletter
Fall 2010

Historic Flag Project, Historic Paramus House Endangered, Three Guides, A.Zabriskie, Visionaries & Museum Collections, A Century Ago, Sabotage, Cookbook


BCHS Newsletter Late Winter/Spring 2010

Demarest House Museum History, Demarests at New Bridge 1781, Historic Flag Project, A Century Ago, Charles Livingston Bull


BCHS Newsletter
Spring/Summer 2009

Fundraising, Message Board, Oratam, A Century Ago, Albert Spickers, About BCHS, Mystery at the Steuben House, A Dangerous Expedient - How George Washington saved the life of Abraham Van Buskirk’s Son


BCHS Newsletter
Early Winter 2008

What's in a name, Memorial Day, A Century Ago, The Lost Nitroglycerine Factory, Dear Cousin Annie


BCHS Newsletter
Spring 2008

HNBL Train Stop, Outhouse History, Bergen Trolley, A Century Ago, Colonial-era Broadside


BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2006-2007

Modern Steuben House history, Haworth House, Marginalia From Ancient Almanacs, Zabriskie Mystery, Franklin Lakes’ Contribution to The Battle of the Atlantic


BCHS Newsletter
Winter 2006

Article on Tenafly, Frank A. Morrison Indian Artifact Collection and a Century Ago


BCHS Newsletter
Spring 2005

Articles on Rev War Massacre at the Steuben House, 1780 events at New Bridge, Hackensack Raid in 1780 and a Century Ago


BCHS Newsletter
Fall 2004

Articles on Indian Castle at New Bridge, Nike Base NY & Dear Friends by Ruth Paci and a Century Ago


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