This section is for research papers and will serve as a resource for the history of Bergen County. Please check back as we are able to add to documents and reformat others.

Dugout Canoe Research

Report on the canoe by archaeologist R.Alan Mounier. The canoe has been in BCHS collections since 1905.

Hamilton at New Bridge

Examining a letter by Alexander Hamilton to Col John Lauren dated Sep. 12, 1780.

Old Bergen's Strawberry Fields

History from the Strawberry Patch; There’s history in every delicious bite! Who today would imagine that Bergen County was once the market garden for New York City, growing and shipping immense quantities of strawberries to market, by Kevin W. Wright

A Short History
of River Edge

History of the town, by Kevin W. Wright

The Nation's Guest: General Lafayette's Return Visit,

The time is long past, and the scene is afar, but it will go from me only when everything else does. One thing is certain. The little village of Hackensack was not found wanting in her part of the welcome extended to the “Nation’s Guest” Rev. J.B. Hague, 1873.  
By Kevin W. Wright

Boroughitis with a Review
By Town

By Kevin W. Wright, October 2015

Punkin Duster and the Woodchuck Borough

A Centennial Review of Bergen County Borough Fever 1894-95, by Kevin W. Wright

Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Tenafly by Kevin Wright

Article on the Garden State Legacy website

Bogert's Candy Kitchen

A history of the Clear Toy Candies and the candy store in Hackensack, NJ.


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