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  • Are dogs allowed at the museum site?
    Dogs on a leash are allowed on the grounds at the Museum Site (the west side of the Hackensack River.) Dogs are not allowed on the east side of the river in Brett Park. Dogs are not allowed in the historic houses.
  • What is the Garbage Policy?
    We practice "Carry In, Carry Out" like many National and State Parks.
  • Why aren't the buildings open more often?
    The Bergen County Historical Society, is an all volunteer 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that provides all programming, including monthly events and lectures and maintains the property and collections.
  • How can I find out about events at the site?
    Our events are on our website You can also sign up for email blasts that go our 2-5 times a month that cover our upcoming events.
  • Which buildings are handicap accessible?
    There is an ADA compliant gravel path that runs through the site, connecting most of the buildings. The Steuben House is accessible by a small ramp at the end of the porch and another into the house at the second front door. (The Steuben House second floor is not accessible.) The barn has a similar inclined entrance. The Campbell-Christie House (the Tavern) is not accessible in the front, but there is a ramp to the back door. The building also contains an ADA bathroom. Regrettably, the Demarest House has a three-step entrance and may be inaccessible to some people; the Outkitchen has a ground-level entrance, but there is a threshold, which is slightly raised.
  • Is BCHS part of the county government?
    No, the Bergen County Historical Society is not part of the county government. Founded in 1902, we are an independent, all-volunteer, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. We provide all programming at Historic New Bridge Landing.
  • May I take photos?
    Yes, generally photos are permitted, but out of courtesy for others, please ask your interpreter or docent first.
  • Do school trips come here?
    Because we are solely a volunteer organization, we are not able to accommodate school trips at this time. However, many teachers encourage their pupils to come with their families during our scheduled weekend events, and our volunteers are always willing to answer students’ questions.
  • Who owns all the property?
    The property that makes up the museum site is owned by the Bergen County Historical Society, the State of New Jersey, and the County of Bergen.
  • Where can I park?
    There is free parking for Historic New Bridge Landing in the lot at the corner of Hackensack Avenue and Main Street, across from HNBL’s main entrance.
  • Is metal detecting allowed?
    No metal detecting or digging is allowed anywhere at Historic New Bridge Landing by law, and subject to fines.
  • Can I donate books and vintage collectibles for the giftshop?
    Please contact us to donate:
  • Why do you use the turtle in your logo?
    The artwork for the turtle was designed for BCHS by the wildlife artist Charles Livingston Bull. Tantaqua, sachem of the Hackensacks, told a creation myth that features a turtle in The Beginning. The artwork (view at the top of this page) by Bull appears in the "History of Oradell," published in 1944.
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