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The Bergen County Historical Society is an All-Volunteer Organization We Need Your Help to Make It Work! Love history? BCHS member over 18? Join our Corps of Volunteers!

Volunteer Opportunities—Check your areas of interest:

  • Historical Interpretation (We'll train you)
  • Event Assistance: Admissions, Gift Shop, Tavern Staff, or Set-up & Clean-up
  • Fundraising: What we do takes money
  • Publicity & Media: Get the word out
  • Technical Assistance: At lectures and presentations
  • Museum Collections: Preserving, Cataloging, and Exhibiting
  • Library In Hackensack: at Bergen Community College’s Ciarco Center
  • Buildings & Grounds: Repairing, Cleaning, Maintaining, Gardening
  • Mailings: Many hands make light work
  • Programming & Events: Planning, Researching, Executing
  • Historic Preservation: Saving historic sites throughout the county
  • Photography & Video: We’re historians; we like to have a record!

Since 1902, volunteerism has been the heart and soul of the Bergen County Historical Society. Our volunteers are responsible for every greeting given to visitors, every funding dollar secured, every inquiry the library researches, every bit of publicity posted, every artifact that is preserved, every plant that is nurtured, and every historical tale that is told at an event or in our newsletter. We hail from all areas of the county (and a few from beyond) and come from many professions and trades with a variety of talents and experiences; we range in age from college students in their twenties to retirees in their nineties.


No volunteer is expected to be an expert overnight, so BCHS has developed an comprehensive training program, including our innovative School of Interpretation, to help newcomers gain knowledge and expertise.


Every generation has the responsibility to preserve and pass on the American story to those that come after it. Volunteering with BCHS gives you the opportunity to be an active part of history, to help tell the story, to give life to the deeds of Washington, Hamilton, and all the unknown people who passed through New Bridge on their way to building America.


If you’re interested, feel free to talk with any of our volunteers at an event, check out one of the School of Interpretation sessions (see the website under “Events”), or leave a no-obligation request for more information at Add your voice to the story.

Photography in slide above are by Rick Davis.

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