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The Outkitchen building is a replica of the John Demarest Outkitchen in Bergen County.  Built using old materials in 1990, we interpret the story of 18th century cooking in Bergen County bringing it into the 21st century for our visitors.  Interpreted as the tavern kitchen for the tavern in the Campbell-Christie House, inside we prepare dishes using researched 18th century recipes, preparing them with authentic tools and methods and presenting the finished meal as it might have been in the tavern.  Each event has a specific menu that ties into interpretation of the occasion. Visitors are sometimes surprised some dishes are similar to those consumed today, some are not, and some may include ingredients that seem almost unappealing to us.  When the economics of the culture changed, so did the availability of some items, and food culture evolved with the influences from the various peoples that lived in the area as well as the Native culture that existed before. Often the cultures and food stuffs combined to create something uniquely American. The cooks in the outkitchen have prepared Native American planked shad and succotash, Dutch Oliebollen and speculaas cookies, German breads and battered bratwurst, and pastries made with in-season fruits.  Other crafts include laundry, natural dyeing, candle making, soap making, food preservation, and dairy skills. Located nearby is the herb garden, tavern garden and our 1930s Outhouse.

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